StationBox S

RF Elements StationBox S - Turns MikroTik's RB411, RB711 or RB911 into flexible radio unit, use with RF Elements Sectors; SMArp-MMCX
Manufacturer: RF elements
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Manufacturer part number: RTIKSMARPMMCX
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Just when you think you cannot have any other option with some MikroTik RouterBoards, especially RB411, RB711 and RB911, there comes StationBox S, a revolutionary and innovative device that easily transforms this two into an outdoor radio device. All you need to do is to add along an antenna as well as a mount and you’re already good to go.

One of the main secrets of StationBox S is the use of 2x2 MIMO technology, which then allows it to broadcast and receive Internet signals to different directions. In the process, you’re able to provide any unit with a stable and reliable Internet or wireless connectivity. It connects on two bands, 2.4GHz, which is commonly the one used by many devices, and 5GHz, which is valued because it doesn’t have a lot of noise of interference.

This device is one of the easiest to work with. It doesn’t require any special tools. It is created to complement other existing devices such as the sector antennas of RF elements as well as N-connectors. You can even attach this to an EasyBracket Wall or EasyBracket Universal. All the needed bolts and parts are already included in the bundle. Simply follow the directions indicated in the manual, and you can already have this up and running in no time.

The StationBox S comes with an enclosure that doesn’t easily give in to the ever-changing weather. The enclosure is made from ABS, which is 30 times much stronger than traditional plastic but at least 20 percent less weighty than galvanized steel. It also includes LEDs, which can be used as indicators, letting you know the real-time status of the device.

You can develop your own product by getting the compatible RouterBoards, such as 911G-5HnD, 911G-2HnD, 912UAG-5HPnD and any of 711 series. You also have the choice to buy the pre-installed bundles.


Product info - stationbox-s.pdf

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